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Fluke - ADCS/601 Air Data Calibration Standard

ADCS-601 is a fully automated reference level Air Data Calibration Standard for the verification and calibration of air data range instruments, in particular Air Data Test Sets (ADTS).
ADCS-601’s intended function is the static pressure calibration of Pt and Ps range pressure transducers with very low measurement uncertainty. ADCS-601 is not intended to duplicate the functions of an ADTS in calibrating and testing onboard aircraft instruments.
ADCS-601 covers the pressure range of 1 to 380 kPa (0.3 to 120 inHg) in absolute and gauge modes with fully automated operation and state of the art uncertainty.
ADCS-601 is an integrated system made up of several instruments that work together under the control of ADCS Tools software running on a personal computer.
Operator interaction with ADCS-601 is accomplished through the keyboard, pointing device and display of the system controller (personal computer).
The heart of the system is a fully automated PG7601 piston gauge or pressure balance that covers the range of 15 to 380 kPa (4.5 to 120 inHg).
The PG7601 range is extended down to 1 kPa (0.3 inHg) by an FPG8601 force balanced piston gauge with automated pressure control.

Specifications online: ADCS-601 Technical Specifications